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Our Time Value of Energy
(TVOE) Approach

Solar Panels
Solar Panels


Project Prioritization

Prioritize projects based on the length of payback, IRR and the availability of local incentives, so monetization is maximized.


Optimal Solutions

 Identify the solution that provides the best match with properties energy usage, ownership structure and financial goals. This includes considering owned, leased and community solar solutions. 

Image by Grooveland Designs
Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel
Solar Panels


Project Acceleration

Manage and move projects forward, knowing the sooner you switch to solar, the quicker the benefits accrue. This includes leading the proposal process, seeking multiple proposals and devoting the time & handling the details solar projects require.


Financing Solutions

Provide guidance on solar financing solutions that can provide financial flexibility and increase project's IRR.

Sunset on Solar Panels
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