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The World's Largest EV Charging Stations

With the number of EVs driven across the globe surpassing 40 million vehicles, EV charging stations with greater scale are being built out. This includes a station in Shenzhen China that holds the record as the world's largest EV charging station with 637 charging stalls, a charging station in Merklingen Germany with 259 charging stalls, a charging station with 98 stalls in Coalinga California that is the largest in the United States, and a charging station in Gurugram India with 96 stalls.

Shenzhen, China

This 637-stall station, situated in the technologically advanced city of Shenzhen, stands as the largest charging station globally. Equipped with rapid chargers to support the city's all-electric taxi fleet, this station delivers approximately 160 Megawatt-hours (MWh) of power daily, sufficient power for more than 4,00 taxis per day.

Source: The Driven

Merklingen, Germany

The largest public EV charging station is a 259 stall station in Merklingen Germany. It's situated beside a train station (high-speed rail station), equipped to provide charging at speeds up to 11 kWh. If all the chargers operate simultaneously at their maximum power capacity, the station would require 2.85 Megawatts of power.

The station is covered by a photovoltaic canopy system with peak generation of 875 kilowatts, which can offset some a portion of the electricity required for electric vehicle charging.

Coalinga, California (Harris Ranch)

The Coalinga, California charging station holds the title for the largest Tesla Supercharger station in the United States. It boasts 98 charging stalls, each capable of delivering peak power of 150 kilowatts. If all the stalls are occupied and operating at maximum capacity simultaneously, the station's total power capacity would reach 15 megawatts.

Gurugram, India

The city of Gurugram in India also features one of the largest EV charging stations in the world. It include a total of 96 EV charging stools, with a mix of rapid chargers (24) and 5 Kilowatt AC chargers (72). It's part of an initiative to build e-highways, streches of highways with broad access to EV charging stations. The station is able to provide power for approximately 576 vehicles per day, a total of approximately 28 Megawatt hours per day.

"The rationale for ever larger EV Charging stations is simple. There are an ever-larger number of EVs on the road, and drivers crave charging convenience."


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